Emérito Papa Benedicto XVI: El Vaticano niega rumores de la mala salud


Correction Appended: April 15, 2013

His Holiness Benedict XVI — Emeritus Pope, as he is now officially known — wasn’t kidding when he cited health reasons for his historic resignation back in February.

“Benedict is in a very bad way. In the last 15 days he has undergone a tremendous physical deterioration. We won’t have him with us for very much longer,” veteran Vatican journalist Paloma Gomez-Borerro tells The Telegraph.

Though how long that might be is a matter of great speculation, as other Vatican sources have played down such reports, accusing Gomez-Borrero of being “alarmist.” (Her comments came during an event to promote her new book about the transition between Benedict and Francis.) While the former pontiff had his pacemaker replaced earlier this year, Vatican officials insist that “Benedict XVI is not suffering from any specific chronic illness, ” according to the Vatican Insider.

Yet, it has been…

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